Recycling plant Erema 160 TE

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1 RECYCLING PLANT EREMA 160 TE refurbished and tested (with FILTEC 4x300mm SCREEN AREA 1413CM²) complete, consisting of the following used items:

Item 1

1 EREMA Processing Combination (to be fed with screwfeeder) Type 160TE.
With enlarged cutter drum diameter for max output and easy feeding of plant.
Cutter compactor/extruder combination with vacuumpump (Speckpump V155-GRD-55)
Double venting and a screen changer mounted on the extruder in front of the venting zone.
Patented design in its execution.
Cutter compactor power 200kW.
Extruder power, frequency controlled 315kW
Extruder liquid cooled

  • 1 Temperature control valve
  • 1 Shock sensor – vibration meter
  • 1 Controlling system for pre-densification
  • 1 Melt pressure indicator
  • 1 Melt temperature indicator

Item 2 1 Dust Removal SAS 2500

Item 3 1 Electric Control Cabinet

Item 4 1 Screen changer FILTEC 4x300mm with automatic self cleaning system
Automatic 2 plate screenchanger
1413 cm² surface area on 2x300mm screen diameter
Automatic screen change with 2x300mm diam screens simultaneously after melt pressure signal.

Item 5 1 Hot die face cutting granulator HG 242 P advanced design with improved knife adjustment and lifetime lubrication

Item 6 1 Pellet dewatering screen GS 2000 including automatic fresh water supply with adjustable water flush control

Item 7 1 Drying screen TS 2000

Item 8 1 Heat exchanger external

Item 9 1 Water temperature control valve

Item 10 1 Pellets centrifugal dryer – GZ 500

Item 11 1 Injector type pneumatic conveyor IFG 40

Item 12 1 Set of piping and bends

Item 13 1 Cyclone with shut off valve and support frame

Item 14 1 Inline scale ND / G25

Erema 160 TE Recycling plant

Erema 160 TE Recycling plant

Erema 160 TE Recycling plant

Erema 160 TE Recycling plant

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