Recycling Maschine Erema 160 TE

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1 RECYCLING PLANT EREMA 160 TE refurbished and tested (with FILTEC 4x300mm SCREEN AREA 1413CM²) complete, consisting of the following used items:

Item 1

1 EREMA Processing Combination (to be fed with screwfeeder) Type 160TE.
With enlarged cutter drum diameter for max output and easy feeding of plant.
Cutter compactor/extruder combination with vacuumpump (Speckpump V155-GRD-55)
Double venting and a screen changer mounted on the extruder in front of the venting zone.
Patented design in its execution.
Cutter compactor power 200kW.
Extruder power, frequency controlled 315kW
Extruder liquid cooled

  • 1 Temperature control valve
  • 1 Shock sensor – vibration meter
  • 1 Controlling system for pre-densification
  • 1 Melt pressure indicator
  • 1 Melt temperature indicator


Recycling Maschine EREMA RGA 70 TVE

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RECYCLING PLANT EREMA RGA 70 TVE used, refurbished, all worn parts replaced with new or refurbished, complete, consisting of:

  1. One Conveyor belt FB 6000/900 used
  2. One EREMA Processing Combination Type PC 70 TVE used
    Cutter compactor power 45kW
    Extruder power, reinforced, FU driven 55kW
    Oil cooling